The Lunar Apartment

Lunar Apartment

Residential Project
Location: Cullinan West 
Size: Approx. 350 sqft.

Glass House Under Moon

Sleep and rest well in a pure glass room – under the sun, below the moon

” Located in the heart of the bustling Hong Kong, Lunar Apartment acts as a private respite to the couple creativity for the graphic design and wedding planning career.” The design is inspired by looking at the moon from the balcony the first day when we met them. Bring the sunlight during daylight, and immerse oneself in the essence of the moon, the place act as a natural media with its glasshouse property. 

To balance the couple ideas from designing the house with masculine tone or feminine touch, the space is merely separated into two, the living room for the husband; and the room area for the wife. Leather, dark raw wood table is implemented while using more fabrics and light colour tone for another side.

An open feature is needed for the house with the size of 300sqft. “We created a multifunctional space where they can dine, gather, work or relax.” In the living area, we intentionally abandoned the expected layout, you can go from one side to another which linked by a full-width platform. The space can turn into 3 spaces by sliding all the glass partitions and curtain as division.
The open function of the space contributes a more flexible living environment to their days. 





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