O.P Apartment

O.P Apartment

Residential Project
Location: Sheung Shui Estate  
Size: Approx. 350 sqft.

Darkness Tranquility

” This is partly kitchen partly entrance design for the young couple. We have redesigned the entire setting out and spaces for the 300sqft+ home. “The kitchen is not large enough for us to place all the cooking equipment, and a wine cellar, is it possible for us to install any? ” said O, the wife. To make it works we tried to extend the kitchen by designing a shoe cabinet that linked the black raw countertop. The two spaces are divided by grey glass partition while the mood and atmosphere are linked by minimal white linear light.

Cave Bathroom

Continous the journey to the study room area, a neat while scheme is implemented, this is the place to work and to do makeup. The mood then switched from white to dark dramatically. ” The bathroom design is intentionally creating a mood of cave, where rustic texture and smooth reflective mirror is used to enhance the strong contrast of the space. Natural sunlights leaks in from the very top of the black bathroom walls, creating light paths softening integrate to the interior.

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