Location: SHA TIN
Size: 350 sq. Ft

Make space do more for kid.

Apartment 24 served a family of 3 with a 350 sq. Ft space. Wood and concrete add a neutral tone to the whole touch while keeping the little playground for the daughter.

“We are not so sure if we are going to have one more child. “Mother questioned about the limited space. An adjustable bulk bed is created to serve the purpose of changing the usage of the room in the near future. “It is a bulk bed with reading space under; but if there is a need of adding bed, the space fits well.”

Keeping the privacy while making sure their 4 years old daughter is sleeping well next door, a sliding wood door is added in between rooms. A shelf acted as a partition at the same time, a little playground for the kids.

When concrete, wood and metal merge together in a tiny room, it brings a harmonious atmosphere,a perfect balance of mature home & kid wonderland.  



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